Jinan CE Profesioni 1325 Makinë prerëse e vogël e plazmës CNC
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Customized: Customized
Gjendja: E re
Color: Customized
Zona e Punës: 1300 * 2500mm
Idling Speed: 15.000mm/Min
Working Speed: 10.000mm/Min
Precision: 0.07mm
Positioning Accuracy: 0.02mm
Machine Structure: Channel Steel Lathe Bed,Serrated Table

përshkrim i produktit

Product Overview
Plasma series is mainly applied to non-insulating material cutting,According to material thickness,power source of different current are correspondent choices to best fit precision request.

1.Steel structure lathe bed is capable of loading heavy metal sheet of large size.
2.Indline design under table surface makes finshed parts and scrap slide down to both side along,convenient and safe for operator.
3.DSP-hand-held control system dedicated for plasma machine,supports file reading from U disk or downloading from computer,providing high independence and great convenience duringoperation.
4.Racks and gears as transmission raise moving speed so that large area cutting can be done in short time.
5.High sensitivity THC(Torch Height Controller)is optional for auto adjustment to cutting distance and cutting precison.
6. Plasma cutting machine Y axis adopts double moters with double drivers. XYZ axis round raill, moving smoothly, with high accuracy. (Option: Square rail)
7. Excellent cutting 3D illuminated letters for advertising and channel letters on metal surface board.
8. Arc voltage height controller
9. Small cutting gap, no residua.
10. Plasma Cutter working together with other advertising machines, such as CNC Router etc, improving working efficiency
11. Superior plasma power, Taiwan linesr rail, ensure vertical section, more percision.
12. US. Haibao power and domestic Huanyuan power
13. Drive system uses a system of Beijing Stuart

Technical Specification

modelQL-1325 aparat për prerjen e plazmës
Madhësia e punës1300x2500mm
Repeat positioning accuracy± 0.05mm
Shpejtësia e udhëtimit0-24000rpm / min
Shpejtësia e prerjes100-8000mm/min
Tensioni i punësAC380 / 50Hz
Modeli i transmetimitGear rack drive
Sistemi i transmetimithigh-precision, zero clearance increased linear guide + rack
Sistemi i prerjesBeijing Stuart cutting system (English)
shoferPrizë Ray 860
(Sino-us joint venture large drives
Furnizimi me energji plazmatikeImported US Haibao or Domestic Huayuan
Trashësia e prerjes6-25mm
Cutting typePlasma/oxy-acetylene or propane
Tensioni i hyrjes3 phase, 220v/380v±10%
Mode of file transferNdërfaqe USB
Furnizimi me energji elektrike65A US Haibao power supply
Guide wayHekurudha katrore e importuar
Tabela-bordBlade e çelikut pa mesa dhëmbi
Straight line positioning precision± 0.2mm / 10m
Straight line repeat precision±0.3mm/10m
Environmental temperature-5~45°C
lagështi<90% No concreting