Mini CNC Portable Plasma Cutter Machine For Sheet Metal

This kind of portable cnc plasma and flame cutting machine is specially developed for steel plate cutting,2 kinds of cutting modes are provided:plasma cutting and flame cutting,working size can be customized upon requirements,this portable cnc plasma and flame cutting machine is characterized of easy operation,compact structure and low cost.It is suitable for large, medium and small mines, widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, suitable for carbon steel (flame cutting), and stainless steel.

Applicable materials:

Steelelik inox, çeliku i karbonit, çeliku i aliazhit, çeliku silikon, çeliku i pranverës, alumini, aliazh alumini, fletë e galvanizuar, pllaka e zinkut të veshur me alumin, bordi turshi, bakri, argjendi, ari, titan dhe prerje të tjera prej metali dhe tubi.


(1) high precision, fast speed, narrow kerf width, minimum heat affected zone, the cutting face smooth without burr.

(2) laser cutting head will not contact with material surface, do not cut the workpiece.

(3) the most narrow kerf width, minimum heat affected zone, the local deformation of workpiece, no mechanical deformation.

(4) the processing flexibility, can be processing any graphics, can also cutting pipes and other profiles.

(5) can be steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, hard alloy, etc. Any hardness material without deformation of the cutting.

echnical Data for Portable CNC Plasma Cutter

Mënyra e prerjes Plasma and Flame
Effective Cutting Size 1500×2500 mm
Railway size 2000×3000 mm
Plasma Cutting Thickness 0-50mm (Depend on plasma power source capacity
Flame Cutting Thickness 6--200mm
Shpejtësia e prerjes 0-4000 mm/min
Plasma Power Source Hypertherm PowerMAX65/85/1650 Or other
Plasma Air Only pressed Air
Flame Cutting Gas Acetilen / propan
Ignition device Auto ignition device
Transmetimi i skedarit USB transmission
Height regulating device Arc voltage height control or Electric adjustable high
Modaliteti i makinës Single-side
Cutting precision ±0.5mm National standard JB/T10045.3-99
Control accuracy ± 0.01mm
Machine total weight 140 Kg
Burimi i energjisë 220±10%VAC 50/60Hz 200W
Working Temperature -10°C-60°C. Relative Humidity, 0-95%.

Detaje të shpejta

Condition: New
Vendi i origjinës: Shandong, China (kontinent)
Voltage: 380V 220V Optional, 3 phases 380V/50HZ
Fuqia e vlerësuar: 8.5KW
Dimension(L*W*H): 1500*2500mm
Pesha: 200 kg
Certifikimi: CE ISO SGS FDA
Garancia: Një vit
Shërbimi pas shitjes i ofruar: Inxhinierë të disponueshëm për makineri shërbimi jashtë shtetit
keywords: plasma cutting machine price
plasma power: 63A/100A/120A/160A/200A
Flame Cutting Thickness: 8-40mm
plasma power source: HUAYUAN/Hypertherm
controller: Starfire controller
Support software: Artcam software
motor and driver: Stepper/ servo motor and driver
Transmation: TAIWAN HIWIN square guide rail
application: metal, carbon steel, stainless steel,