përshkrim i produktit

portable cnc flame/plasma cutting machine with hypertherm 45 Product Application

The portable cutting machine was designed and launched by our company in 2002 ,It support flame and plasma cutting .Due to small size and excellent performance .it is still very popular in the international market .

portable cnc flame/plasma cutting machine with hypertherm 45 Tech data .

Tensioni i hyrjes
220V / 110V
Frekuenca e furnizimit me energji elektrike
50HZ / 60HZ
Dimensioni LCD
7.0 Inches colorful display
Gjerësia efektive e prerjes (boshti X)
Effective Cutting Length(Y axis)
3400mm (can be customized)
Mënyra e prerjes
Plasma cutting only ,flame cutting only ,Plasma and flame cutting
Plasma Cutting Speed
Oxy-fuel Cutting Speed
Burimi i energjisë plazmatike
Support all kinds of plasma source
Trashësia e prerjes së plazmës
Depend on the plasma source
Oxy-fuel Cutting Thickness
Torch Height Control
Arc Voltage Auto THC
Gjatësia e rrezes kryq
Gjatësia hekurudhore gjatësore
Gjerësia gjatësore hekurudhore
Program software
FastCAM professional edition
Host Machine Color
Default industry blue, can be customized
Gjuha e operacionit
Default English, can be customized

portable cnc flame/plasma cutting machine with hypertherm 45 Main Advantage

1 Light weight ,small size ,easy to move ,and set up .
2 Durable construction,strong cross beam ,more rigid .
3 Better performance ,high precision.
4 CNC control ,supply Operation language, easy to operate.
5 Electric torch lifting,Arc voltage auto torch height control for plasma cutting
6 Support both of flame cutting and plasma cutting ,equipped with multitudinous plasma source
7 Widely applied in maintain ,construction,steel structure,shipbuilding industries.
8 The machine is equipped with FastCAM programming software ,the software is easy to learn and operate .
9 Machine Color and Cutting area can be customized .

Machine Parts

Name: CNC controller

Brand: HoneybeeCNC

Original: China

Features :

1) 7'' colorful LCD display;
2) Film-cover operation key;
3) USB port supports program transfer;
4) 32M Memory for users' program
5) Built-in Library of commonly used figures;
6) Break-point & power-cut restoration;
7) Return to reference point;
8) Mirror image;
9) Two-axes straight line and arc interpolation;
10) Pause, forward, backward, and speed regulation while machine working.

Karakteristikat kryesore

Name : guide rail
Brand: HoneybeeCNC
Original: China

Features : Hight precision ,More durable

Karakteristikat kryesore

Name: Nesting software
Brand: FastCAM
Features :

• Automatic 'EVERYTHING': Tool pathing, Pierce, Sequencing, Nesting, Cutlist;
• Multi-job, Multi-part, Multi-plate mixed & Remant Nesting;
• Improved material yield and smart cutting technologies including common cutting and 4 types of bridging
• Dramatic reduction in pierce.
• A 50% reduction in programming time with automatic tool

• Bulk features for programming speed-file import, editing, export, etc.

Detaje të shpejta

Gjendja: E re
Vendi i origjinës: Kina (kontinent)
Tensioni: 110V / 220V / 380V
Fuqia e vlerësuar: 180W
Dimension(L*W*H):690X530X490 mm
Weight: 153kg
Certifikimi: CE ISO
Garancia: 1 vit
Shërbimi pas shitjes i ofruar: Inxhinierë të disponueshëm për makineri shërbimi jashtë shtetit
Product name: portable CNC plasma cutting machine
Application: metal cutting
Cutting mode: flame cutting ,plasma cutting ,both of them
Control system: HoneybeeCNC
Plasma cutting thickness: 2-25mm Depend on plasma source
Flame cutting thickness: 6-150mm mild steel
Program software: FastCAM
LCD screen: 7.0 Inches colorful display
File transfer: USB
Color: blue ,can be customized